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Development of a Work Zone Training Program

Status: Complete

Description: Safety in highway work zones has been a major concern for many decades. Over the years, government agencies and highway industry have developed work zone safety training programs to educate general public, professionals, and government employers. Existing training programs are conducted in the old fashion classroom setting which has some disadvantages such as high travel costs and locations far away from jobs. The objective of this research project was to develop a web-based training program for highway work zone safety. The developed program was built on advanced computer science technologies and delivered via Internet so that a trainee can access the training materials at any time and at any location as long as there is an Internet service. Training topics cover sign, marking, highway traffic signal, and temporary traffic control. At the end of training, a trainee will have an opportunity to take an on-line quiz with 50 questions. A certificate will be sent to the trainee via e-mail if that person’s test score is higher than the passing grade. The developed web-based training program has several advantages. First, using the developed program will eliminate the travel costs for the instructors and trainees. Second, both the instructors and trainees will spend less time away from their jobs. Third, the developed program can be easily modified and updated with any new information. Finally, trainees can learn the training materials at their own pace. The self pace format can be easily fitted in a busy working schedule.

Report: Bai_WZSafety_Training.pdf 2.62 mb (published 2009)

State conducting research: Kansas


  • University of Kansas


  • Bai, Yong (University of Kansas)
  • Firman, Umar (University of Kansas)
  • Wang, Xiaohong (University of Kansas)
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