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Removable Orange Rumble Strips--IA

Status: Complete

Description: Removable orange rumble strips, manufactured by Advance Traffic Markings (ATM), are designed for placement at construction sites to alert motorists of upcoming roadway conditions. As a vehicle crosses over the strips, the sound and tactile (vibrating) sensation of driving over the strips heighten the driver’s attention.

The orange removable rumble strips were applied at three different locations in and around the city of Ames, Iowa. The purpose of this field test was to examine the rumbling sensation, durability and removability of the strips applied on different pavement types.

The performance of the removable rumble strips was quite satisfactory. Being designed for use at work zones, these rumble strips are relatively easy to apply and remove. Although, they did not reflect in the dark, their orange color made them visible from a 500-foot distance during daylight hours.

It was concluded the strip’s thickness of one-eighth of an inch does not provide an adequate rumbling sensation. However, the double layered strips were effective in providing adequate sound and rumbling sensation to passenger cars and pickup trucks. Having no effects on the Iowa DOT maintenance truck, it can be suggested the double-layered strips provide no rumbling sensation to commercial trucks.

Report: MwSWZDI-2000-Maze-Removable_Orange_Rumble_Strips.pdf 182 kb (published 2000)

State conducting research: Iowa


  • Advanced Traffic Markings


  • Maze, Tom (Iowa State University)

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