Development of a Mix Formation and Pavement Design Using Asphalt-Rubber Binders and Biobased Additives

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In progress

Start date: 08/01/14
End date: 10/31/16


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About the research

The use of asphalt-rubber (AR) in bituminous mixtures is a sustainable technology that leads to a higher rutting and fatigue resistance of flexible pavements, but can increase its formulation and design complexity. It is therefore essential to study and match the components of these mixtures for optimal performance at appealing economical and environmental costs. The focus of this work is the study of AR mixtures containing different additives/stabilizers, taking into account their inter-particle packing spacing in the mix matrix. This will lead to reduced production temperatures and enlarged temperature range for asphalt mixture lay-down and compaction, as well as improved durability of the pavements, either in the construction of new pavements or in the rehabilitation of existing ones. The mixtures developed will be characterized taking into consideration the main mechanisms of degradation of the pavements.



  • Argo Genesis Chemicals LLC
  • Midwest Transportation Center
  • Seneca Petroleum Company Inc.