Field Evaluation of Methods to Minimize Transverse Glulam Deck Deflection Phase III

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Start date: 08/15/07
End date: 12/31/12


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About the research

The objective of the second phase of this project was to conduct full-scale field evaluations of various methods identified in previous research related to differential panel deflection and wearing surface distress in transverse glulam deck panels supported by longitudinal glulam stringers. The purpose of the Phase III study was to determine localized structural performance of the previously constructed demonstration bridge in Delaware County, Iowa to determine the cause of asphalt overlay cracking, assess the appropriateness of the existing asphalt overlay mix, and formulate a new asphalt mix design that performs better on transverse glulam decks.


Report: All Materials for Glulam on National Center for Wood Transportation Structures website (NA pdf) May 2015


Sponsor(s): USDA Forest Products Laboratory