Performance Effectiveness of Design-Build, Lane Rental, and A + B Contracting Techniques

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Start date: 09/27/04
End date: 12/30/05


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Mn/DOT specifications are generally prescriptive in that they attempt to describe how a contractor should conduct certain operations using minimum standards of equipment and materials. These prescriptive specifications, commonly known as method specifications, have performed admirably in the past with an experienced workforce and fairly repetitive operations. However, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects, especially in a rapid renewal scenario, demand more creativity and innovation. Prescriptive specifications do not properly foster this innovation. In addition, government budgets (e.g., state DOTs) are generally insufficient to provide the human resources necessary for planning design, project administration, and construction management services in an accelerated delivery schedule. This research identifies success factors in alternative contracting techniques and compares relevant performance criteria for three altenrative contracting techniques as well as for traditional contracting.


Tech transfer summary: Performance Effectiveness of Contracting Techniques ( pdf) May 2006


Sponsor(s): Minnesota Department of Transportation