Toolbox of Countermeasures to Reduce Red Light Running

Project status


Start date: 10/22/10
End date: 04/30/12


Principal investigators:

Student researcher:

  • Nicole Oneyear

About the research

Red light running (RLR) is a problem in the US that has resulted in 165,000 injuries and 907 fatalities annually. In Iowa, RLR-related crashes make up 24.5 percent of all crashes and account for 31.7 percent of fatal and major injury crashes at signalized intersections.

RLR crashes are a safety concern due to the increased likelihood of injury compared to other types of crashes.

The research team developed this toolbox for practitioners to address RLR crashes. The Four Es—Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Response—should be used together to address RLR problems.

However, this toolbox focuses on engineering, enforcement, and education solutions. The toolbox has two major parts:

  • Guidelines to identify problem intersections and the causes of RLR at intersections
  • Roadway-based and enforcement countermeasures for RLR


Report: Toolbox of Countermeasures to Reduce Red Light Running (2.34 mb pdf) April 2012

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RLR cameras are one of the countermeasures in this toolbox