Health Monitoring of Bridge Structures and Components Using Smart-Structure Technology

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Start date: 10/01/03
End date: 09/30/04


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  • Yoon-Si Lee

About the research

The objective of this research was to synthesize information on structural health monitoring technologies with a specific interest in those having smart-structure attributes. Following a comprehensive information collection campaign and a survey of State Departments of Transportation, the identified structural health monitoring technologies (both currently in use and emerging) were carefully reviewed and summarized. This final report includes a brief summary of the history of bridge evaluation in the United States of America, current and future trends of Structural Health Monitoring, and a series of completed SHM Technology Evaluation Forms for each of the identified technologies. In addition, a searchable database has been developed and is included with the final report that allows easy identification and review of structural health monitoring technologies. This volume (Volume I) summarizes the research approach and the key findings of the work. Volume II consists of completed SHM Technology Evaluation Forms for the 101 synthesized technologies.



Related publication: WisDOT RD&T Brief: Smart Systems for Bridge Structural Health Monitoring ( pdf) Mar 2005


Sponsor(s): Wisconsin Department of Transportation