MN/DOT Office of Research Services Web Site Upgrades

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Start date: 03/01/01
End date: 12/31/01


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About the research

Providing a useful, user-friendly web site was the overall goal of the Minnesota Department of Transportation?s Office of Research Services (ORS). That meant not only publishing its research reports and related documents online, but also providing simple ways to search the publications.

ORS asked the Center for Transportation Research and Education to redesign ORS?s existing site and develop interactive features. The primary feature of the new ORS web site is a searchable database of completed research projects. The database includes publication titles, authors, dates of publication, brief descriptions, abstracts, and links to online reports. A rotating news feature, using a simple database, has also been added to the new ORS home page.


Report: MN/DOT Office of Research Services Web Site Upgrades (638k pdf) June 2002


Sponsor(s): Minnesota Department of Transportation