Handbook of Simplified Practice for Traffic Studies (TR-455)

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Start date: 03/01/01
End date: 03/31/02


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This handbook has two primary objectives: The first objective is to develop a handbook of traffic studies that is convenient for Iowa jurisdictions to use in assessing traffic issues. The second objective is to develop a series of boilerplate scopes of work that local jurisdictions can use to hire outside consulting firms to perform traffic studies.

The handbook covers five of the most common traffic studies needing to be completed by cities and counties in Iowa: (1) spot speeds, (2) traffic volume counts, (3) sight distance, (4) crash analysis, and (5) school zone programs. Each study procedure includes an introduction to the study type, step-by-step instructions for each common method of conducting the study, real-world examples, a model project work order for contracting out, and references. The handbook also includes blank forms for data gathering and contracting out. The procedures are easy to apply and are written for all potential users (civil engineers and traffic engineers, public works mangers, city managers and attorneys, and the general public).


Report: Handbook of Simplified Practice for Traffic Studies (TR-455) (NA pdf) November 2002

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