Response of Iowa Pavements to Heavy Agricultural Loads (HR-1075)

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Start date: 07/01/99
End date: 12/31/99


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About the research

Overall objective of the work was to study the effects of targeted implement-of-husbandry loads. The response of PCC and ACC pavements under a tracked grain wagon is documented. The analysis results illustrate that during the spring season, because of the larger track-pavement contact area, the load associated with the tracked wagon required to induce the same stress in the ACC and PCC pavements was significantly higher than that of a 20,000 pound single-axle dual-tire semi. These vehicles induced lower stress and strain values in both types of pavements when compared to other loads. Therefore, one may conclude that these types of vehicles are more efficient in distributing their loads than are other types of vehicles of husbandry. However, the roughness of the pavement surfaces, rutting, fatigue cracking, and other distress factors that could affect the performance of the pavements need to be investigated.


Report: Response of Iowa Pavements to Heavy Agricultural Loads (HR-1075) (306KB pdf) December 2000



  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Iowa Highway Research Board