Mass Transit Sustainability in the St. Louis Region

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Start date: 01/01/14
End date: 12/31/14


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About the research

Although still a work in progress for some cities, the partnering between government infrastructure and private investors supports a future of flexibility, accountability, and profitability for mass transit in areas with growing urban populations and is a viable solution for the transportation challenges and environmental concerns associated with large populations.

This project explored alternatives implemented in various countries and the factors that contributed to their successes and failures. Most successes tend to result from the collaboration itself and lead to each sector’s common triumph: government stability through a reduced dependency on public subsidies and increased private innovation.

These innovative solutions for improving mass transit are sustainable and scalable and require no additional government funding or subsidies. They may be the only viable options available for creating sustainable mass transit systems.


Report: Mass Transit Sustainability in the St. Louis Region (1.87 mb pdf) October 2015

Related publication: Mass Transit Sustainability Aug 2015



  • Midwest Transportation Center
  • University of Missouri - Saint Louis