Coordination of Transit and School Busing in Iowa

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Start date: 10/01/03
End date: 12/31/03


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  • Jill Mascarello

About the research

The 2003 Iowa General Assembly asked the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) to conduct a study of Iowa public policy regarding coordination of public transit services and school transportation. This report describes the efficiencies that may be obtained by coordinating transit management and maintenance systems in the areas of school transportation, public transit, and other forms of public transportation. As requested by the Iowa DOT, the Center for Transportation Research and Education (CTRE) at Iowa State University studied these issues and prepared this report.

CTRE conducted a survey of the 35 transit agencies in Iowa and school districts served by public transit agencies to determine the extent and nature of coordination. Twenty-three transit agencies coordinate in some manner with over 45 school districts. The nature of the coordination varies with the urban or rural nature of the area.

The results of the study show that Iowa policy is supportive of coordination activities, coordination occurs when there is clear benefit to both parties, coordination can result in efficiencies and cost savings, and the safety records of school bus and public transit in Iowa are both excellent and comparable.


Report: Coordination of Transit and School Busing in Iowa (1.3 mb pdf) December 2003

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Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

Crossing control arm on a school bus
Crossing control arm on a school bus