Iowa Pavement Marking and Sign Management System

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Start date: 04/01/07
End date: 10/31/10


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About the research

Develop a sign and pavement marking management system which --Improves the quality of signage and pavement marking out on the roadway network. --Improves the ability to manage all aspects of each asset from placement through end of life. --Improves the ability to budget for these key assets on a statewide basis. --Provides a tool for decision makers to do asset related scenario planning regarding funding needs, life cycle, quality, and material selection. Abstract The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) is committed to infrastructure management and understands the significant potential benefits from implementing practical management systems. This work will help the DOT with the development of their pavement marking and sign management systems through the MTC project. The MTC portion of this project (described below) will focus on tool development, data integration (GIS/GPS) and an implementation plan that allows the DOT to integrate these tools into daily operations. The Iowa DOT matching funds will be used to complete the implementation and operation phases of the systems.





  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Midwest Transportation Consortium