Use of Functional Silos to Optimize Agency Decision Making

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Start date: 10/01/04
End date: 06/30/07


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  • Neil Burke

About the research

The purpose of the project was to document how agencies make positive use of functional silos and then efficiently allocate resources across them. Functional silos are considered to be any group of expertise within a transportation organization that focuses on one area of expertise. Often, different functional silos compete for agency resources.

Functional silos impact their agency positively by allowing members to accumulate expertise in the area of the silo. On the other hand, silos can have a negative impact on resource allocation The solution to efficient resource allocation is bridging the silos and making overall decisions that offer the most satisfactory solutions globally.


Project webpage:

Report: Use of Functional Silos to Optimize Agency Decision Making (1.18 mb pdf) February 2008

Tech transfer summary: Use of Functional Silos to Optimize Agency Decision-Making (67 kb pdf) Feb 2008


Sponsor(s): Midwest Regional University Transportation Center