Planning, Developing and Implementing the Iowa Pavement Marking Management System (IPMMS)

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Start date: 06/01/04
End date: 09/01/06


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About the research

With an annual pavement marking program of approximately $2 million and another $750 thousand invested in maintenance of durable markings each year, the Iowa DOT is seeking every opportunity to provide all-year markings staying in acceptable condition under all weather conditions. The goal of this study is to analyze existing pavement marking practices and to develop a prototype Pavement Marking Management System (PMMS).

This report documents the first two phases of a three-phase research project. Phase I includes an overview of the Iowa DOT's existing practices and a literature review regarding pavement marking practices in other states. Based on this information, a work plan was developed for Phases II and III of this study.

Phase II organized the key components necessary to develop a prototype PMMS for the Iowa DOT. The two primary components are (1) performance/life cycle curves for pavement marking products, and (2) an application matrix tailored to the pavement marking products and roadway and environmental conditions faced by the Iowa DOT. Both components will continue to be refined and tailored to Iowa materials and conditions as more performance data becomes available.


Report: Planning, Developing, and Implementing the Iowa Pavement Marking Management System (IPMMS): Phases I and II (12 mb pdf) September 2006


Sponsor(s): Midwest Transportation Consortium