Rapid Bridge Deck Joint Repair Investigation - Phase II

Project status

In progress

Start date: 01/01/13
End date: 12/31/17


Principal investigators:

About the research

This proposal describes the second phase of a two phase research project that investigates methods to rapidly repair bridge deck expansion joints. The first phase of this research project focused on documenting the current means and methods of bridge expansion joint maintenance and replacement, and then identifying improvements as part of a workshop. The proposal for this previous project is provided in Appendix A. The initial proposal left "Task 6- Analyze Workshop Ideas" intentionally flexible, as the ideas to be analyzed were unknown at the time of its writing because the workshop had not been conducted. In this document, the task 6 will be expanded to include specific subtasks and goals that were derived from the ideas presented during the workshop that was held in December 2013. The objective of this investigation is to develop a rapid, effective, and economical approach to repairing and replacing bridge deck joints. Consideration will be given to when in the life cycle the repair or replacement should be made. Alternatives for various levels of traffic maintenance will also be considered. That is, "When is it better to close an area entirely to traffic, so work can proceed more quickly and when should lane closures be used and some traffic be maintained in order to maintain mobility for road users?"



  • Federal Highway Administration State Planning and Research Funding
  • Iowa Department of Transportation