An Investigation into the Development and Adoption of Technologies, Policies, and Methods for Improving Fleet Fuel Performance

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Start date: 04/01/06
End date: 06/30/07


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The dramatic rise in fuel prices and growing environmental concerns are pressing freight transportation companies to pursue new systems and methods to improve fuel efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. While select major carriers appear to be leading efforts to adopt technologies that support a dramatic improvement in fuel performance, there appears to be little understanding as to the breadth and depth of efforts being taken by the broader motor carrier community, consisting of over 20,000 companies of all sizes. The purpose of this study was to investigate the level of adoption of technologies and policies to support improved fuel efficiency among motor carrier fleets.


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Report: The Adoption of Technologies, Policies, and Systems for Improving Fleet Fuel Performance (278 kb pdf) November 2007


Sponsor(s): Midwest Transportation Consortium