Predictions of Driver Safety in Advancing Age: Real-World Recorders

Project status

In progress

Start date: 05/01/17
End date: 05/31/18


Principal investigators:

About the research

The overall goal of collaborative work between Mind & Brain Health Labs (MBHL) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Department of Neurological Sciences and REACTOR Lab at Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation is to advance the analysis and understanding of patterns of real-world driver behavior and health in drivers with functional impairments due to aging and related medical conditions. These results will develop measures that will be used in statistical modeling to inform patients, caregivers, interventions (education, training, medical), policy, and design of supportive in-vehicle technology that is responsive to driver state.

The main objectives of the partnership are to:

a.       Determine, detect, and analyze safety and medically relevant metrics of driver state from driving, demographic, medical, behavior, and cognitive data.

b.      Determine, detect, and analyze safety relevant metrics of the driving environment and the behavior of the driver in the environment.

c.       Design solutions that can:

a.       Be used to develop models that inform changes in driver health and behavior.

b.      Inform interventions (education, training, medical, and in-vehicle) to improve driver health and behavior.



  • 16 States
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center