Evaluation Framework for the Creation and Analysis of Integrated Spatially-referenced Driver-Crash Databases

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Start date: 01/01/07
End date: 06/30/09


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This project examines the potential of, and constraints on, the integration of transportation safety databases in a spatially-referenced geographic information systems (GIS) environment. The project focuses specifically on the analysis of crash records and driver records. The objective of such database integration is to facilitate the improved analysis of issues related to transportation safety. The objective of such database integration is to facilitate improved analyses of issues related to transportation safety.

This report begins with a review of existing databases. These include traffic records databases and other databases that may enhance safety analyses. The report then outlines several existing applications, which are typically in a non-spatial framework, of integrated databases related to transportation safety. The report then focuses on existing and potential applications that make use of spatially-referenced information within these databases.

Despite the promise of spatially-referenced data integration and analysis, there are several concerns to address. Possible constraints on spatially-referenced database integration and analysis involve technical issues related to the integration of spatial data files and the data’s representation in GIS; methodological issues concerning the use of spatial data; administrative concerns regarding data collection, management, and linkage; and legal and ethical concerns related to the use of confidential information. This report attempts to identify strategies to address these concerns and concludes with recommendations for future activities related to the integration of spatially-referenced data for transportation safety.


Report: http://www.intrans.iastate.edu/reports/Data_integration.pdf (366 kb pdf) April 2009

Tech transfer summary: Framework for Integrated Spatially-Referenced Driver-Crash Databases (265 pdf) Apr 2009


Sponsor(s): Midwest Transportation Consortium