US Road Assessment Program, Phases 1-3

Project status


Start date: 05/01/04
End date: 12/31/08


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Co-principal investigators:

About the research

As part of a larger study, CTRE conducted a pilot program in Iowa to assess the feasibility of a US Road Assessment Program (USRAP). Based on EuroRAP concepts, the usRAP pilot studies have tested two potential protocols for safety assessment and mapping of roadway systems. These are 1) risk mapping to document the risk of death and serious injury crashes and show where risk is high and low and 2) star ratings based on inspection of roads to examine how well they protect users from crashes and from deaths and serious injuries when crashes occur. CTRE has continued work on phases 2 and 3. See the usRAP website above for more information.


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  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
  • Midwest Research Institute
Color-coded Iowa road map showing crash rates
usRAP Iowa map of crash rate on rural primary roads