Development of a GIS-based Crash location tool: Intelligent Crash Location Tool, Phase III

Project status


Start date: 01/01/99
End date: 12/30/99


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About the research

CTRE has developed a location data collection tool for use with Advantage Safety and as a stand-alone product for the processing of paper crash reports. To ensure a successful large-scale deployment of Location tool, it is important to thoroughly test the application and continue to improve the program by incorporating user-feedback and interface improvements into the location tool.

This phase will support AMS efforts to integrate Location Tool into Advantage Safety. CTRE proposes to develop detailed technical documentation of the Location Tool output format and instruction for integrating the tool into software packages using Microsoft development environments including Visual Basic and Visual C++.

Feedback stemming from group meetings with Location Tool users and advisors has led to a ?wish list? of additional enhancements. The addition of these enhancements, such as creating an address-finding tool enabling users to find a target location by street address, and the addition of a user map layer allowing the tagging of landmark locations, will be considered and when possible, added.

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Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation