Long-Term Plan for Concrete Pavement Research and Technology: The CP Road Map (Task 15)

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Start date: 02/14/03
End date: 02/13/05


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About the research

The CP Road Map is a comprehensive and strategic plan for concrete pavement research that will guide the investment of research dollars for the next several years. It will result in technologies and systems that help the concrete pavement community meet the paving needs of today, and the as-yet unimagined paving challenges of tomorrow. In short, the CP Road Map will result in a new generation of concrete pavements for the 21st century.


Project webpage: http://www.cproadmap.org/

Report: The Concrete Pavement Road Map: Long Term Plan for Concrete Pavement Research and Technology June 2005

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  • American Concrete Pavement Association
  • Federal Highway Administration
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Track 3 will develop high-speed, nondestructive quality control systems