Development of Performance Properties of Ternary Mixtures, Phase 4, Development of Ternary Concrete Mixtures Manual of Practice

Project status


Start date: 12/01/05
End date: 05/31/14


Principal investigators:

About the research

The work to be covered by this project is the development of a Manual of Practice that will educate practicing engineers about when and how to use concrete mixtures containing ternary cementitious systems.

The information to be provided will be based on the findings of research recently completed through the ternary pooled fund and through a federal cooperative agreement with the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center. The manual will serve as a textbook to accompany a training program being developed by ACT (American Concrete Institute) for FHWA.

The research work has shown that ternary mixtures can be successful in a number of applications and provide enhanced performance while improving sustainability. Such mixtures do perform differently from conventional concrete, and the manual will document the benefits that may be expected as well as provide guidance for the precautions that need to be taken to ensure successful implementation.


Report: The Use of Ternary Mixtures in Concrete (1.58 mb pdf) August 2014



  • Federal Highway Administration Transportation Pooled Fund
  • Iowa Department of Transportation