Updated Rule on Safety and Mobility

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Start date: 05/01/06
End date: 12/31/07


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  • Jonathan Wiegand

About the research

The Federal Highway Administration published the final rule updating 23 CFR 630 Subpart J in September 2004. The revised rule requires agencies using federal funding to address both safety and mobility in planning and construction of roadway improvements. The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) requested the assistance of the Center for Transportation and Research in developing guidance for a policy and procedures to comply with the final rule.

This report describes an in-depth examination of current Iowa DOT project development processes for all types of improvements, including maintenance, as well as a detailed characterization of work zone impact considerations throughout project completion.

To comply with both the letter and perceived intent of the final rule on safety and mobility, the report features a suggested work zone policy statement and suggested revisions in the Iowa DOT project development processes, including a definition of the key element: significant projects.


Report: Implementation of the Federal Highway Administration Final Rule on Work Zone Safety and Mobility (437 kb pdf) December 2007


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation