Management of Rural Expressways for Improved Safety and Operational Performance

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Start date: 03/01/07
End date: 07/31/11


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About the research

This document is intended to be a guide for planning-level decisions concerning safety issues and subsequent potential improvements at rural expressway intersections. It presents the gamut of safety treatment options and available strategies that have been employed in an attempt to reduce the number and severity of collisions at unsignalized rural expressway intersections. Treatment strategies have been categorized within 9 emphasis areas (A through I) similar to those within NCHRP 500, Volume 5 2; however, the focus here is directly on unsignalized rural expressway intersections rather than unsignalized intersections in general. Some strategies may qualify for multiple categories, but have been placed in the category judged to be the most applicable.


Report: Rural Expressway Intersection Safety Toolbox Desktop Reference (14.02 mb pdf) June 2011



  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Midwest Transportation Consortium