The New Metrics for Regulating Transportation Network Companies and Taxis

Project status

In progress

Start date: 01/01/15
End date: 12/31/16


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About the research

The introduction of new forms of ground transportation providers known as Transportation Network Companies or Ridesharing companies seek to bring economies to the traditional taxi market through the use of personal vehicles and part-time drivers with little or no economic regulation or oversight over their operations. However their introduction has, in many areas, resulted in complete deregulation of traditional taxi operations in order to “level the playing field.”  Communities are thus struggling with issues of adequate insurance, background checks, vehicle requirements, variable rates, and service requirements as they strive for some new forms of regulations for what some believe are innovative ground transportation products. This project will research these developments with respect to resulting rules and requirements that communities are developing. Objective outcomes of this project would be a set of Best Practices in this new arena.

Model ordinance language that communities may use for the administration of ground transportation providers in this era of deregulation will be provided in a report and regulatory language.



  • Metropolitan St. Louis Taxicab Commission
  • Midwest Transportation Center
  • University of Missouri - Saint Louis