I-235 Scheduling Support, Phase 4

Project status


Start date: 11/01/02
End date: 05/31/03


Principal investigators:

Student researcher:

  • Dong Chen

About the research

The reconstruction of I-235 is a comprehensive project with multiple contractors and multiple tasks. The entire project needs to be accomplished in limited working spaces, within tight deadlines and budget. In order to accomplish this urban freeway renewal project, project participants need to know corridor level information, such as durations, predecessors and successors of proposed construction contracts, as they develop detailed plans and manage construction. They also need to know project level information when communicating with the contractors, utility companies, and government officials who are using detailed construction schedules. At the time this research project was started, the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) had insufficient staff time and expertise to undertake these tasks. To this end, this contract called for Iowa State University to assist the Iowa DOT in better managing the construction of the I-235 project.

Iowa State University researchers developed a corridor scheduling system and provided recommendations as presented in the final project report. Descriptive narratives and scheduling information were developed for mechanically stabilized earth structures and Geopiers. An Excel scheduling template was developed. Cost estimates that had been provided to the Iowa DOT designers were summarized. PowerPoint simulations of MSE wall and interchange construction and 3-D fly-through techniques were demonstrated. Researchers developed as-built schedules for several bridge construction projects. Staging maps were developed. The project report appendix and CD-ROM provide additional resources.


Project webpage: http://erl.cce.iastate.edu/I235/

Report: I-235 Scheduling Support, Phase 4 (1.8 MB pdf) December 2003


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

Central and north 3rd Street bridge piers
Central and north 3rd Street bridge piers