Two-Lift Concrete Pavements to Meet Public Needs (Proj. 8)

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Start date: 10/01/03
End date: 09/30/04


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Student researcher:

  • Rob Baker

About the research

The report reviews the past work in the United States and internationally in the development of two-lift pavements. It points out the strengths and limitations in the construction of such portland cement concrete pavements. Certain cost, mix design, and construction problems are inhibiting the growth of this product. Changes in the availability of aggregates, knowledge of materials and new construction equipment, and the desire for specific surfaces to meet noise, durability, and safety are prompting the need to reconsider this type of construction.


Report: Two-Lift Concrete Pavements to Meet Public Needs (Proj. 8) (286 kb pdf) September 2004

Tech transfer summary: Reassessing Two-Lift Paving ( pdf) Sep 2004


Sponsor(s): Federal Highway Administration