Construction Manager/General Contractor Issue Identification

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Start date: 05/31/11
End date: 08/31/12


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About the research

The construction manager-at-risk (CMR) project delivery method, also termed construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) project delivery in several states’ enabling legislation, is an integrated team approach to the planning, design, and construction of a project to control schedule and budget and assure quality for the project owner. The team consists of the owner, the designer, which might be an in-house engineer, and the at-risk construction manager.

Working toward a process to use the CM/GC project delivery method, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) identified industry stakeholders to engage and address concerns and work through ideas about CM/GC. The researchers reviewed the related literature, analyzed the content of 30 Request for Proposal/Request for Qualifications (RFP/RFQ) solicitation documents, and collected/compiled responses to a questionnaire (structured to answer MnDOT questions) that was sent to agencies in states that have used CM/GC.

Survey questions and responses, as well as the targeted literature review and RFP/RFQ content analysis, are covered in the standalone white papers that were developed and included in this report to present the results of this investigation.

The first five topics identified, presented to the stakeholder group, and, then, developed into white papers were as follows: CM/GC Project Selection, CM/GC Selection Process, CM/GC Selection Requirements, Subcontractors, and Cost Negotiations.

Five additional topics were identified, developed into standalone white papers, and also included at the end of this report as follows: Including Cost in the CM/GC Selection Process, Design Contract Modifications, Owner Process to Validate Cost, Role of Independent Cost Estimator (ICE), and Contractor Bid Process,


Report: Construction Manager/General Contractor Issue Identification (NA pdf) August 2012


Sponsor(s): Minnesota Department of Transportation