Smart Wetlands Mitigation for Iowa Department of Transportation Projects

Project status


Start date: 11/01/04
End date: 11/30/06


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About the research

The purpose of this project was to develop a framework for an Iowa Wetland Mitigation Clearinghouse (IWMC) and showcase typical inventories that will serve agencies and communities involved with wetland mitigation.

While the Iowa DOT currently performs wetland mitigation on a project-by-project basis, other agencies such as the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Resource Conservation Service perform wetland restoration projects, and counties and cities mitigate wetland losses as well. The Iowa DOT desired to determine whether state and local resources may be used cooperatively in developing shared wetland mitigation projects in ways that will benefit both Iowa agencies and local governments.

This project accomplished the following tasks:

1. Developed a conceptual framework for cooperative wetland mitigation that utilizes the concept of an IWMC.

2. Reviewed the inventories available for wetlands mitigation in Iowa.

3. Created a template cooperative umbrella instrument to be used in the approval process.

4. Developed a template project outline and flow chart of the proposed IWMC concept.

5. Worked to raise awareness of and appreciation for the value of local wetlands and their responsible use through educational materials, technical assistance, and workshops, while pointing out the consequences of species and wetland loss.


Report: Smart Wetlands Mitigation for Iowa Department of Transportation Projects (2.4 mb pdf) November 2006


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation