Pavement Performance: New Approaches Using Predictive Analytics/An Assessment of the Models to Predict Pavement Performance

Project status

In progress

Start date: 06/14/14
End date: 06/30/17


Principal investigator:

Co-principal investigator:

About the research

This project examines and analyzes pavement performance dataset provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation. Models that predict pavement performance are developed and compared against each other to assess their relative efficacy and predictive ability. In addition, a “parsimonious” predictive modeling approach is employed to identify a simple, efficient, and effective predictive pavement performance model. 

Plans are to further explore the data sets and develop additional predictive models in order to hone in on the most parsimonious approach for predicting pavement performance. This is likely to provide additional insights into the interrelationships among various predictor variables.



  • Midwest Transportation Center