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Handbook of Simplified Practice for Traffic Studies

All files are in pdf format. To read them you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This project was sponsored by the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Highway Research Board.


Cover, Table of Contents (110k pdf)

Glossary of Terms (20k pdf)

Introduction (22k pdf)

  • Background
  • Objectives
  • Contributions and Acknowledgments
  • Identified Common Traffic Studies

Traffic Studies:

Spot Speed (498k pdf)

  • Introduction
  • Speed Percentiles and How to Use Them
  • Stopwatch Method
  • Radar Meter Method
  • Pneumatic Road Tube Method
  • Contracting for a Spot Speed Study
  • References

Traffic Volume Counts (583k pdf)

  • Introduction
  • Using Count Period to Determine Study Method
  • Manual Count Method
  • Automatic Count Method
  • Examples of Traffic Volume Count Studies
  • Contracting Out for a Traffic Volume Count Study
  • References

Sight Distance (430k pdf)

  • Introduction
  • Intersection Sight Distance
  • Sight Distance Study Methods
  • Uncontrolled Intersections
  • Intersections with Stop Sign Control
  • Stopping Sight Distance
  • Contracting Out for a Sight Distance Study
  • References

Crash Analysis (1.25 MB pdf)

  • Introduction
  • Key Steps to a Crash Analysis Study
  • Example Crash Analysis Study
  • Contracting Out for a Crash Analysis Study
  • References

School Zone Program (1.26 MB pdf)

  • Introduction
  • Responsibility for the Safety of School Pedestrians
  • Key Steps to a School Zone Program
  • Example School Zone Program
  • Contracting Out for a School Zone Program Study
  • References


  1. Spot Speed Study Data Forms (24k pdf)
  2. Traffic Volume Count Intersection Tally Sheet (31k pdf)
  3. Sight Distance Diagram Form (20k pdf)
  4. Crash Analysis Field Observation Report, Software Instructions, and Guidelines (6 MB pdf)
  5. Project Work Order (Contracting Out) (12k pdf)


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