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Go! Magazine

Dot realizes her future is in transportation science.

One regular feature of Go! is the web comic Dot's Adventures with Transportation.

The MTC sponsors Go! magazine, a free online publication for teens and young adults that explores the world of transportation and transportation-related careers. Go! offers entertaining and informative articles, a database of transportation careers and educational opportunities, and links to other resources.

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Research Reports and Technology Transfer Summaries

Every MTC-funded research project results in a technical report. Click below to see all reports:

Many MTC-funded research projects result in a brief (2- to 4-page) summary. For detailed information about projects click below:

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Research Impact Briefs

As part of its new Transportation Research Implementation Initiative, the MTC has begun producing a series of “impact briefs”:

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K-12 Briefs

The MTC sponsors many activities to inspire K-12 students to consider careers in transportation. The following briefs tell the story:

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MTC E-Newsletter

The MTC publishes an e-newsletter quarterly. See highlights from past issues:

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MTC Semi-annual Program Reports

The MTC's semiannual reports (Program Progress Performance Reports) summarize the center's achievements during the latest six-month period.

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Readings in Modern Railroad Management

Photo of railroad management paperbacks

The Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis (UMSL)—a partner in the MTC consortium—has compiled a three-volume collection on managing the modern railroad. Dr. Ray Mundy and Dr. Daniel Rust served as editors. Distilled from hundreds of recent publications, the articles in these volumes cover issues such as regulation, finance, labor, and pricing. The books are available online.

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Workforce Development Summit Report

In April 2010, the MTC co-hosted a Regional Transportation Workforce Development Summit, one of several held across the U.S. as part of an initiative to develop a national strategy for addressing transportation workforce challenges.

Download the full report (2.02 mb pdf).

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PI and Partner Resources


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