Go! magazine ‘draws in’ teenager Dot in new educational web comic

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June 25, 2015
Dot's Adventures with Transportation
Dot's Adventures with Transportation
Go Go! But what is Go! magazine? Reaching thousands of teachers, students, and transportation professionals across the country, Go! is a free, not-for-profit, online magazine (e-zine) funded primarily through support from the Midwest Transportation Center (MTC) at Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation (InTrans). 
With a goal of developing the transportation workforce by educating and stimulating young minds about the vast education and career possibilities in transportation, Go! is a “go-to,” reliable educational resource. With at least four new articles (a three-part series and an interview) published each month, along with a variety of submitted material about scholarships and topics in the transportation field, this e-zine looks at transportation from different angles—infrastructure, vehicles, designers, as well as the users of transportation. 
Besides its monthly newsletter, upcoming “My Mentor” video series, and one-on-one collaborations, Go! wanted to visually connect with its readers. One Iowa teacher once asked, “Is that all you do?” Well, Go! answered that question by creating the online, educational web comic, “Dot’s Adventures with Transportation.” 
Written by Go! Program Coordinator Brandy Abraham and illustrated by graphic designer Stephen Post, the first “Dot’s Adventure,” entitled “Dot’s Adventures with Transportation: The Career Quiz” introduced readers to teenager Dot before she departs on her first real adventure into the small yet big, high-tech, and unbelievable world of transportation. See the first comic at http://www.go-explore-trans.org/dots-adventures-with-transportation-the-career-quiz-vol-1-no-1/
Besides the first comic, each “Dot’s Adventure” will directly relate to one of the monthly three-part series written by Go!’s graduate student writer. For example, the most recent comic, “Dot’s Adventures with Transportation: Main Modes of Transportation around the World” is directly related to the Go! Explore “Destination” series posted in March 2015, which looks at the main modes of transportation in China, Switzerland, and Peru. See the comic at http://www.go-explore-trans.org/dots-adventures-with-transportation-main-modes-of-transportation-around-the-world/.
If you are interested in keeping up to date on “Dot’s Adventures,” subscribe to Go!’s monthly newsletter by contacting Brandy Abraham at babraham@iastate.edu. 

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