MS Degree in Transportation


Requirements for admission to the interdisciplinary Master's in Transportation program include the following:

  • BS, BA or equivalent in a transportation-related field (business, planning, engineering, psychology, sociology, government, etc.)
  • An application for a major of "Transportation Interdisciplinary," with a home department of one of the following:
    • Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE), for students with a BS in engineering, other than civil
    • Community and Regional Planning (CRP), for non-engineering students interested in public sector applications (e.g., planning, policy, information systems, traffic systems, etc.)
    • Supply Chain and Information Systems (SCIS), for students with a background in business and an interest in private sector applications (e.g., trucking, logistics, freight management)
Student launching a helikite
Students bring various academic and professional backgrounds to their study of transportation. In this photo, a student helps launch a helikite-based remote traffic monitoring system.

For all departments, submit

  • an online application, statement of purpose (indicating knowledge of the program and personal goals)
  • transcripts
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Test scores:
    • for CCEE, GRE scores (min 146 verbal, 4.0 analytical writing, 155 quantitative)
    • for SCIS, GMAT (min 550)
  • for international applicants, TOEFL (iBT 82, PBT 553)

Application deadlines

  • Deadline for domestic students: 4 months prior to beginning of term
  • Deadline for international students: 6 months prior to beginning of term

Special note for international applicants

For most international applicants, the most important determinant for admission is the willingness of an affiliated professor to take the student on and support him/her. This is highly dependent on the availability of time on the part of the professor, and on the match between the student's interest and capabilities (technical and communications) and the interests of the professor.